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Hot Rodding Heritage

Since the 1950s, our famous Traction-Master™ Bars have been crafted at our original
Los Angeles location. This design is still the best add-on traction enhancer even after
50 years of production. These bars direct the power from the wheels to the ground efficiently. Traction-Master™ Bars are technically superior and historically correct for all performance cars built in the 1950’s, 1960’s, and 1970’s.

  • Shelby American installed Traction Masters™ for the GT-350’s.
  • Sunbeam Tigers were also factory-equipped with our original bars.
  • Hot Rodders continue to use Traction-Master™ Bars with the same passion.
  • A strong performer that is historically correct to the period.

How Traction-Masters™ Work

Engine and Braking torque deflects leaf springs,
causing axle hop and traction loss.

Traction-Masters™ eliminate leaf spring wrap up.
The dual pivots still allow normal leaf spring up and down movement.

Leaf springs perform 2 basic functions:

1> Carries the weight of the car.
2> Locates the axle as control arm

Leaf springs work reliably well, but are bad as control arms. Hard acceleration or braking causes the springs to twist and “wrap up” which changes the axle position. Traction is lost and also causes additional wear on “U” joints, the leaf spring, shock absorbers, and suspension bushings.

Traction-Masters™ allow the leaf to act as a spring, but relieves it's axle-locating responsibilities. Traction is improved and equalized, and you will also find a noticeable improvement in braking.

Conventional “Slapper type” bars only work during acceleration and rely on the binding up of the rear suspension to function. Slapper bars can also degrade handling and have no effect on brakings.

Quality Craftsmanship

 • M-1 Cast Ends

Each genuine Traction-Master™ has our unique M–1 cast end. These ends make a stronger bar that handles the most severe torque without distortion or splitting.

 • Stronger Bars

Traction-Masters™ are fabricated from 1.125” diameter
steel tubing.  (Since Jan 2000). The smaller and thinner tube on the right is an substandard copy.

 • Metal Active Gas Welds

All bars are MAG (Metal Active Gas) welded for total fusion
and maximum strength. MAG gases enables optimum fusion with characteristics of moderate to high weld metal deposition rates.

 • G–1 Polyurethane Bushings

Perfect fit to the original M–1 cast ends. Maintains optimal performance by eliminating bushing slop. Bushings are tough
cast polyurethane with exacting tolerances.

Home | Traction Master Bars | Shock Plate Worksheet
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